Our biggest issue was that we wasted too much time on features that didn't deliver the results we had been counting on.

This is something I hear a lot from people who develop online services. The right customer experience is essential if you want to increase customer value and expand your online business.

Many development projects miss their deadlines, exceed their budget and underperform in the communication of added value. Unexpected complications, unclear communication and unrealistic expectations lead to bad decisions. Above all, they have a snowball effect for the rest of the project. Result: your team and your customers become frustrated and you have less grip on matters than you might like.

When your project finally goes live, it does not meet the expectations that you had initially hoped for. Have you lost your momentum? Could the cost have been kept lower? Could the conversion have been greater and could we have made the customer happier?

For an effective approach with better results you'll need to be able to answer the following questions:

To be able to answer these questions, you need a lot of knowledge of various fields. You will need to remain constantly up-to-speed on the latest developments, possibilities and solutions.

Even if all the individual parts work well and you have experts available, a lot is lost in translation, especially information coming from developers. Through a lack of understanding and context it is difficult to satisfy expectations and balance disciplines. As a result, the whole project suffers.

Ben is involved and has a highly developed no-nonsense attitude. We value his calmness and integrity. Through indicating clear best practices we stayed inside budget. This has not always been my experience with suppliers.

What would it be like to feel more empowered and avoid these risks through?

Development is far easier to manage when all those involved have a thorough understanding of the bigger picture. This ensures that communication and expectations are clear and that morale is higher. Delivering you more insight and control, a smoother development process, resulting in happier users and better product results.

Want to know what a result-oriented customer experience and a more effective development process could mean for you?

Ben van de Sande

My name is Ben van de Sande. For more than 15 years I have assisted people setting up online services. As a hybrid growth hacker, experience designer and developer I help with the design and growth of successful online services. Many of which I'm still involved with.

Grow your revenue and reduce your costs and risks by:

Clear communication, realistic expectations and fewer complications provide you with more insight and control. This simplifies the balancing of all the requirements and opportunities. The effective way to expand your business and improve your product value.

With clear vision Ben made our web application user-friendly and thanks to his technical knowledge he was also able to carry this over to the developers.

Are you involved in establishing or expanding an innovative online service? Do you have a clear vision of your goals? Are you interested in a flexible approach and are you curious about opportunities for you online? Then contact me.


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